ELG Maitake Botanical Beverage Mix

Breakthrough in nutritional carrying capacity

Faster Absorption and More Effectiveness.

Protects brain nerves, slowing memory decline.

Enhances antioxidant activity in nerve cells.

Alleviates tension and improves cognitive speed and work performance.
Boosts neural transmission, enhancing brain computational abilities.

Supports neural protection, preventing nerve damage.

Patented Dual-Nutrient Formula: Rapid absorption, Immediate Efficacy

After consuming EXEBRAIN Liquid Booster for 2 hours, the examination of brain wave data revealed that: A notable improvement in information processing within the Default Mode Network (DMN), suggesting an achievement of homeostatic equilibrium. A reduction in the number of lines indicates an improved health condition.

Energy levels of Brain Concentration (Theta/Beta ratio) tend towards increased balance and stability, demonstrating a sustained pattern.

The closer the value is to 0, the healthier it is.

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