double NUTRI


The 32nd Japan Tokyo Innovative Genius International Invention Exhibition Silver Medal

2020 London International Invention Award Gold Medal/ Special Award of the Conference

Canada International Invention Award Gold Medal/Croatia Special Award/Grand Prize of the Conference

double Nutri 2

  • Superconductive Infusion for Prolonged Impact.
  • Patented Micro-Functional Particle Technology.
  • Homogenizing Nutrition into Micron-Level Functionality.
  • Effectively Boosting Bioavailability & Ingredient Stability.

Mental Serenity

Our double Nutri supplement enhances emotional well-being by reducing anxiety and stress through ingredients like Peppermint Extract and α-Linolenic Acid from Golden Inca Fruit Oil. This balanced emotional state positively influences cognitive speed and work performance, making it an ideal choice for overall wellness.

Key Features of Excellent Absorption:

With an average particle size of only 1-3um

Can quickly initiate the absorption biochemical process

Approximately 1/9 the size of red blood cells

Requires no physical intervention for digestion within the body

This “Double Nutri Supplement” is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including Professionals, Students, Designers, Engineers, or anyone who prioritizes brain health and cognitive well-being.
By nourishing your brain with these carefully selected ingredients, you can enjoy improved cognitive function, emotional balance, and overall vitality, making it an ideal choice for those looking to unlock their full cognitive potential and maintain long-term brain health.

Golden Inca Fruit Oil inside the EXEBRAIN liquid booster regulates brain nerves while enhancing the antioxidant activity of nerve cells. The combination of Dill Seed Extract, Maitake Mushroom Extract, and Green Tea Extract promotes enhanced focus and reduced anxiety. Additionally, Peppermint Extract, combined with B Vitamins, promotes energy metabolism and improves cognitive abilities. These elements work together to support overall brain health and well-being.


Ingredients: Inca Fruit Oil, Enhanced Shiitake Mushroom Extract, Green Tea Extract, Peppermint Extract, Yeast Extract (with B Vitamins)

Product Specification: 50mL Beverage Format

Usage: 1-2 cans daily, after meals

Suitable for: Professionals, Students, Designers, Engineers, and individuals focused on brain health

Note: Ideal for health-conscious individuals seeking cognitive well-being.

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